Canada Day: 9 Patriotic Treats that are sure to “Wow”

Canada Day - Patriotic Treats

Whether you’re hosting a Canada Day party, attending a BBQ or celebrating at home with your family I’ve got the treat for you! ¬†I’ve made it easy for you so all you’ll have to worry about is having fun and celebrating our great Country.


Here are some fun twists on some traditional Canadian sweets!


Canada Day - Ginger Ale Spritzer

Ginger Ale Wine Spritzer – A Beautiful Mess

I’d never turn down a good spritzer and this one looks so fresh and summery!

Canada Day - Nanaimo Bar Macarons

Nanaimo Bar Macaron – Chocolate Codex

I know that Macarons are nothing new but have you tried a Nanaimo Bar one???

Canada Day - Butter Tart Ice Cream Sundae

Butter Tart Ice Cream Sundae – Seasons and Suppers

Butter Tarts are my Kryptonite and this sundae just takes the ooey gooey goodness to the next level.

Canada Day - Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Peanut Butter Cup Pie – Wine and Glue

Peanut Butter cups make everything better.

Canada Day - Maple Sugar Cookies

Maple Sugar Cookies – Liv For Cake

For the more modern folk, these are a bit more subtle. I’ve always wanted to try cookie stamps and I love the geometric patterns!

Canada Day - Beaver Cupcakes

Beaver Cupcakes – Bakerella

They are technically groundhogs but I don’t think anyone would notice.

Canada Day - Moose Cookies

Moose Cookies – Sweet Sugarbelle

These moose cookies are adorable , can you guess what shape cookie cutter she used?

Canada Day - Toque Cake

Toque Cake – Food Network

Nothing says Canada more than a red and white toque with a pom pom! Being edible is just the icing on the cake! ūüėČ

Canada Day - Tim Hortons Timbits

Timbits – Tim Hortons

And last but not least. If your not that handy in the kitchen or are heading out last minute Timbits are always a hit. Bet ya can’t eat just one!

If you enjoyed these Canadian inspired treats, don’t forget to pin them for later!


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