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Link was obsessed with the Halloween decorations this year so Christmas is going to be even more exciting! He now gets that Santa will be coming (although he asks me everyday if it’s tonight). He’s at the perfect age where he believes in all the magic that comes along with the holiday. Last weekend we kicked off our holiday season with a visit to the Millarville Christmas Market and now I’m in full on Christmas mode. My first holiday project Link’s advent calendar. I’ve managed to gather all the fillers so now I just have to put it all together! I reused a couple things from last year (I know this will be the last year that I can get away with that) but most of the ideas are new.

This is what I’m going to fill our advent calendar with this year:

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas Book – Indigo Books

Pinecone Bird Feeder – Inspired by: Happiness Is Homemade

DIY Snowglobe – Inspired by: Crazy Little Projects

Cork Board Tree – Inspired by: Munchkins and Moms

Window Clings – Walmart

Christmas Glue – Inspired by: Confidence Meets Parenting

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees – Inspired by: Raising Little Superheroes

Foam Build-a-Train – Dollarama

Fizzy Bath Bombs – Shoppers Drug Mart

Pom Pom Snowflakes – Life Fling

Paper Cup Puppets – Dollarama

LED Christmas Tree – Home Sense

Canvas Tape Tree – Inspired by: Meri Cherry

Holiday Characters – Dollarama

Snowman Kit – Dollarama


Sticky Foam Christmas Tree – Life Fling

Glitter Glue – Dollarama

Jingle Bell Necklaces – Dollarama

Window Gels – Walmart

Frozen Christmas Tree Ornament – Walmart

Let me know if you have any other great suggestion! I’m always gathering new ideas for next year.

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