{CHRISTMAS}: Advent Calendar Filler ideas for Toddlers

Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Toddlers - Life Fling

Last year I filled Link’s advent calendar with little toys and books and it was great but this year I wanted it to be more interactive.  Since we love doing little projects and we don’t need anymore little toys rolling around the living room I decided to go with an activity/craft theme. I gathered some pre-made kits from Michaels and Dollarama and then put together some of my own activities based on things I found on Pinterest. There are many other less costly options but we would buy a lot of the activities anyways and I think it’s better candy or “junk” that you throw away after christmas. It will be a great way to spend time together and make some new Christmas memories! I went through December in the calendar and made sure the better or more time consuming activities landed on the weekend or days that we don’t have class or other commitments. Is it crazy that I’m counting down until our countdown begins????


This is what I’m going to fill our advent calendar with this year:

Little People: Cristmastime Is Here – Dollarama


Creatology: Reindeer Foam Build a Scene – Michaels

Christmas Fizzy Painting – Inspired by: Gift of Curiosity

Cookie Decorating Kit – Inspired by: Bits of Everything

Cardboard Houses – Inspired by: Learn Play at Home

Christmas Puzzle 3D – Dollarama

Martha Stewart: Adhesive Border Pad – Dollarama


Toilet Paper Reindeer – Inspired by:  Free Preschool Crafts

Christmas Play-dough Creations – Inspired by: Intentional By Grace

Photo Reindeer Magnets – Inspired by: Pinterest

Creatology: Igloo 3D Structure – Michaels

Paper Cup Puppets – Dollarama


Stickers with Album – Dollarama


Christmas Tape – Dollarama

Make Your Own Bracelets – Dollarama

Mini Clothespin Wreath – Inspired by: The Resourceful Mama

Creatology: Happy Holidays Door Hanger – Michaels

Creatology: Holiday Bus – Michaels


Sticky Wall Christmas Tree – Inspired by: Gift of Curiosity

Holiday Characters – Dollarama

Snowman Kit – Dollarama

Candy Cane Reindeer –  Inspired by: Gingerly Made

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees – Inspired by: Mummy Gems

Santa Advent Calendar – Dollarama


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