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Advent Calendar Filler Ideas | Preschool

Link was obsessed with the Halloween decorations this year so Christmas is going to be even more exciting! He now gets that Santa will be coming (although he asks me everyday if it’s tonight). He’s at the perfect age where he believes in all the magic that comes along with the holiday. Last weekend we kicked off our holiday season with a visit to the Millarville Christmas Market and now I’m in full on Christmas mode. My first holiday project Link’s advent calendar. I’ve managed to gather all the fillers so now I just have to put it all together! I reused a couple things from last year (I know this will be the last year that I can get away with that) but most of the ideas are new.

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10 Great Animal Books for Kids

We are a family of bookworms. My husband, myself and now Link all love reading. We often visit used bookstores, libraries, and make family trips to Indigo on the weekends. If we aren’t reading you can probably find us at the zoo so I thought I’d combine the two and create a list of the best animal books for kids. Continue reading

{CHRISTMAS}: Advent Calendar Filler ideas for Toddlers

Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Toddlers - Life Fling

Last year I filled Link’s advent calendar with little toys and books and it was great but this year I wanted it to be more interactive.  Since we love doing little projects and we don’t need anymore little toys rolling around the living room I decided to go with an activity/craft theme. I gathered some pre-made kits from Michaels and Dollarama and then put together some of my own activities based on things I found on Pinterest. Continue reading