{christmas}: DIY Advent Calendar no. 2

   I can’t believe that tomorrow we start our advent calendar, what happened to November?!? After Halloween it seemed like Christmas was so far away and then “bam” it’s December!

I had fun gathering all the goodies to fill our calendar but then I had to figure out how to display them. Since I had a lot of crafts and random sized items I needed something large and flexible.

I recently found a sweet deal on Kijiji and got a huge piece of pegboard and hooks for $8. (and they even delivered it!) I taped off the pattern with painters tape and after three coats of craft paint in each colour you wouldn’t even know that it came from someones garage. The hooks were a little worn too but nothing a couple coats of spray paint couldn’t fix.

I used brown paper bags and kraft paper for the goodies and designed some coordinating numbers to tape on the front. I wasn’t sure how to space them out evenly so I laid the board down and arranged the packages and then inserted the hooks accordingly. The wrapped packages were hung with some ribbon and the bags by a hole punched in the top of each one.

Hanging it was a bit tricky as there needed to be space behind the pegboard in order for the hooks to work. I used two pieces of scrap 1×2 boards that were about two feet long and glued them on the back. I centered them each on a horizontal row of holes to create two braces brace. Just make sure that they are rows that aren’t being used by the hooks. (Does that make sense???) One centered near the top and one about half way down. I then drilled from the front, through the pegboard and through the upper brace in three places and secured with wall anchors.

The total cost for the calendar and it’s contents was about $70 but it will provide hours of entertainment and hopefully spend some quality time together.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Advent Calendar:

  • pegboard & hooks
  • painters tape
  • craft paint 
  • spray paint
  • foam brushes
  • scrap wood 
  • screws & anchors
  • paper bags
  • craft paper
  • ribbon
  • filler (here’s what I used)

I can’t wait to see how excited Link will be in the morning! I hope he doesn’t get mad when he can’t open everything at once. 🙂

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