{DIY}: How to Make an Easy Halloween Doormat

Dress up your front step with this easy Halloween Doormat.


I’m a sucker for holiday decor but I generally don’t do a lot for Halloween as it seems so close to Christmas. This year Link and I did some Halloween crafts and decorations for the mantle and he was so excited that I thought we should continue the fun onto the front step!

We did pretty well at Dollarama and Walmart but we still needed a doormat to finish it off. I couldn’t justify buying a new one since our front door is rarely used and it would only be on display for a couple weeks. I decided to make one and it turned out great and the best part is I only spent $6 because I only had to buy the basic black mat! If your looking for a quick and easy way to spook up your step then this is the project for you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • doormat
  • packing tape
  • adhesive drawer liner
  • white spray paint
  • green spray paint
  • foam brush
  • exacto knife
  • scissors
  • sharpie



Start by taping off the stripes in equal widths leaving the parts you want white uncovered.



Spray paint in a well ventilated and covered area or better yet outside! I ended up doing 6 coats about 15 minutes apart. Let dry overnight and then remove tape.



Print out 8″ letters in a font you love, one on each page. Tape them onto a sheet of drawer liner that is at least a few inches bigger all around. Using the exacto knife, cut out all of the pieces and discard the black parts but make sure you save the inside holes of the letters!



Remove leftover paper and tape and then stick the stencil on the mat where you want the “boo” to go. Be smarter than me and tape paper or cardboard over the rest of the mat too to protect from overspray, spray paint is sneaky! Use a small foam brush to fill in the orange dot, spray 6 coats of green paint and let dry overnight.



Remove the stencil and outline the letters with a black sharpie. Stand back and admire your finished Halloween doormat, your guests are in for a real treat!



Peanut gives it two paws up!!



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