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The best thing about a new year is a new planner! I love the smooth clean pages that are begging to be filled. I scoured the stores and Internet and fell in love with this little gem, it’s the 12 Month Spiral Planner by Recollections. It’s regularly priced $39.99 at Michaels but I lucked out and it was 50% off. I was so excited that I got my mom one too so I didn’t really save anything at all.

What first drew me to it was the fun designs! There were many options but I went with hot pink and gold pineapples, that was a no brainer. There was a smaller size as well but I prefer a full page planner, I don’t take it anywhere so being small isn’t important to me. The coil binding allows it to lay flat and the laminated covers make it perfect for sitting on my kitchen counter where it gets the occasional splash. Most importantly though is the thick paper, I HATE when pens bleed through!
The first page is a cute “this life belongs to” page and is followed by the typical stuff like a yearly layout, Important dates,  and contacts. I would have normally laughed at the contacts page but after having lost my phone and then having one die on me, it’s been a nightmare trying to gather contacts again and again! (I know, I know, I should back them up.)
Each month has a two page “month at a glance” layout which I use when making appointments and plans with family and friends. Then each week has a two page spread with each day split into three sections that you could divide your day into. Maybe morning, afternoon, and evening? Or things to do, places to go, work stuff? Or anything your heart desires.  There is a small lined section that I have been using to list our meals for the week. There’s also a “goals for the week” section and some blank spaces for notes or doodles.  Each month includes a full lined page at the end that I will probably use for lists as I am a list-a-holic.
In the back of the planner there are a few lined pages and graph paper which I SO love as it’s perfect for sketching out designs and floor plans. Also included are four pages of stickers, a cardboard double sided folder pocket and a clear zipper pouch that I’ve been keeping my pens in. I mean, how could you only use one pen? That would be boring.

If you’re like me and need to write EVERYTHING down then this could be the planner for you. Let’s at least start the new year organized! 😉

12 Month Spiral Planner by Recollections

Purchased at : Michaels $39.99 CAD
9″ x 11.5″
Vertical Weekly Layout
174 pages
428 stickers for customizing your pages
1 pocket folder
1 zip pocket
Monthly and weekly calendar pages
Divider pages

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